Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid ferrotypeSome time back, I ran across a Wikipedia article on Billy the Kid. Because of my interest in photography, I read about one of the few authentic pictures of the Kid, a ferrotype taken by an unknown photographer. The picture has been published many times, and seems to show his pistol on his left hip. However, scholars have pointed out that the method of producing ferrotypes reverses the image and that the pistol is really on his right side. The photo here is a “flipped” image to show Billy in the correct orientation.

Billy was called “The Kid” because of his age. I thought it would be fun to create a Poser image of Billy as an actual kid – a goat.

I obtained a set of goats from Lyne’s Creations and decided to use the Billy Goat Gray model. However, I only had clothes for humans, not goats, so I loaded Michael 4 and dressed him with some cowboy clothes and a hat, and gave him a Remington 700 rifle.

I posed Michael 4 to resemble the pose in the picture of Billy the Kid, then made him invisible. I loaded three instances of the Billy Goat Gray model. I posed one so that his right “hand” and forearm extended from Billy’s right sleeve, one so that it’s left “hand” and arm extended from the left sleeve and held the rifle, and one so that its head and neck extended from the shirt. I made superfluous parts of each goat invisible, so that it would look like a single goat was posed as Billy the Kid.

Billy the KidI loaded Audry Pestrayakof’s Nature-Canyon around Billy and used one of my photos as the background.

Another instance of theĀ  Billy the Kid ferrotype was photoshopped to create a WANTED poster and placed on a dead tree at the left of the scene.

You can find more of the Poser images that I did just for fun at Fun.html

Keep reading/keep writing – Jack