Poser Pro 11 Stopped Working

On about 24 September 2016, I began to get a green progress bar window saying “Poser Pro executable file has stopped working” and ending with a “Close Program” button every time that I tried to open Poser Pro 11. Poser Pro 2014 would still run.
PP 11 Stopped Working
Nothing that I found by Googling  solved the problem. So I contacted Poser Technical Support and asked for help. John worked on the problem for a couple weeks – try this, try that, before he found that just having Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Web Companion installed on the computer (even if inactivated) might be associated with the problem. When I uninstalled this program, the problem went away! (Thanks for all your help, John.) If you are having this problem, you might try this solution.

I would also get this same window at random times with both PP11 and PP2014 – sometimes at startup, sometimes in the middle of a project. (This problem started a long time ago.) However, I was always able to restart the program and hope that it didn’t crash again too soon (sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t). I learned to do frequent Saves to avoid losing much work. Since I uninstalled Ad-Aware Web Companion just 2 days ago, I don’t know if this has eliminated this random crash or not. But Poser hasn’t crashed yet. (Knock on wood!)

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