Squidoo or Cuckoo?

ProcesssingCaution: Your innocent links to another web page may be hazardous to their health. At least if the web page is at a site called Squidoo it might be.

I recently received a request to remove the link from eight of my posts to an interesting Squidoo page. The creator of that page said that Squidoo was about to “lock” several of his pages because of too many “suspicious inbound links.”

Apparently, this has something (I don’t know what) to do with Search Engine Optimization. Perhaps someone thinks that my blog is “suspicious” and that my links are an unfair attempt to increase the hit rate for the Squidoo site. Bull roar! Any check of this blog would show that there is nothing “suspicious” about it, and any assertion to the contrary should be considered slander or libel.

Doing a search of the web for squidoo suspicious links doesn’t shed much light on the matter. You just find out that a bunch of folks are upset with Squidoo , because they’ve been threatened in the same way.

Asking Squidoo for clarification doesn’t do much good either. If you go to their web site you will find a Feedback & Bugs button down at the bottom of the page. Clicking on this opens an Uh-oh window which gives you three options: Report Content Abuse, Something Is Broken, and Just Sharing Feedback.

The problem doesn’t seem to involve “content abuse,” so I clicked on Something Is Broken since that seemed to be the most obvious description of the problem. The window that opens has no Send button, even after filling out all the spaces, so I guess this says something about Squidoo‘s interest in its users.

Clicking on Just Sharing Feedback opens a window that does have a Send button! So, I filled it out, requesting clarification of this “suspicious links” problem, clicked Send and waited. My inbox eventually received one of those automatic We heard you and we’ll get back to you messages. I waited, and waited, and waited… (Good thing I wasn’t holding my breath.) Several days later, I finally got a response: “Could you send us a few examples? That way we can investigate.” Examples my foot! It would hardly seem necessary to send them “examples.” If they need examples, let them do the same quick internet search that I did. Which is what I suggested. And I have heard no more from them.

So, what’s with these folks? Is it Squidoo or Cuckoo?

Keep reading, keep writing – Jack

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One thought on “Squidoo or Cuckoo?

  1. That’s pretty much the response you get if you request that Squidoo review your lens to see if it really is spam these days, too. I’ve lost my second-best performing lens this month, and just when I thought that nightmare was over, I have another lens flagged for these ‘suspicious inbound links’ today. I’m afraid my best lens (1K+ views/day) will be next, so I’m moving over to Hubpages before all of Squidoo floats down the toilet.

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