Heads Up

The Scottish National Gallery 2 broadcast of Antiques Roadshow-UK was on recently. During the opening sequence, we got a glimpse of what looked like a sculpture of a head resting on a hand at the end of an upturned arm. This seemed a bit surreal to me and I thought it might make an interesting Poser image. So I fired up Poser Pro 2014 and went to work.
Heads Up 07-Bl







DAZ’s Victoria 4.2 figure was loaded first and Addy’s Danielle face was injected. The Visible property was unchecked for all of Victoria’s body parts except the head and the name was changed from “Victoria” to “Head.”

3Dream’s Master Skull Cap prop and their Dinasty Hair pose was loaded to give the head a sort of Boy Cut hairstyle. The Diffuse Maps were set to 0% (turned off) and the color was set to White for everything except her eyes to give the appearance of marble.

A few stone textures were tried for the head, but they didn’t look as good as just leaving the head white.

A second instance of Victoria was loaded and the Visible property was unchecked for all body parts except the right arm. I renamed this “Arm.” B9999’s Everyday Hands “V4 BalLg-1” was loaded to pose the hand so that, when the arm was rotated 90 degrees, the head could be placed in the palm. A little adjustment of the fingers was needed, but with the Diffuse Maps turned off, the skin appeared black in the Preview Window. This made manipulations difficult, so I temporary turned the Maps back on until I was finished posing the head in the hand. The arm was Parented to the Head.

Neftis’ White Marble Base from their Antoinette Bust model was loaded, moved under the upturned arm, and parented to the arm.

When rendered, the white of the arm and head was too bright, so I set the Diffuse Color of the arm, head, and skull cap to a light gray. I set the Diffuse of the lips to a darker gray to give some separation.

The combination was saved to my Figures Statue Library as “Heads Up,” in case I wanted to use it in some other image.

To continue with my Poser image, I loaded three rock formations from ShaaraMuse’s “The High Coast” scene. Two rocks were placed in the background and the third in the foreground with the Heads Up sculpture between them.

To provide a better visual separation between the foreground and background rocks, I adjusted the camera focus and f/ stop to slightly blur the foreground rock.

The rendered image is shown above. It still looks a bit surreal to me, but I like it.

Keep reading/keep writing – Jack

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