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I realize that Stephen Fry feels that profanity is a desirable part of our language. I also admit that I sometimes use these words in speech or in my writing. However, to maintain a sense of decorum and mutual respect and to avoid an X-rating for this blog, we won’t use these words in comments. What are “these words”? You know what they are. If you use these words, your comment won’t be posted.

While I hope you will express your opinions freely, I will not allow name-calling, rudeness, or “flames.” If you want your comment to be┬áposted, please write in a respectful manner. Pretend that you’re speaking to Bruce Banner and that you know his secret!

Comments will be suspected of being spam if they contain excessive amounts of links. WordPress apparently thinks that two links is plenty for any comment, so any comments with more than two links will be diverted to my Comment Moderation Que. If I find that number of links in the comment seem appropriate, I can approve the comment for posting. Otherwise, it disappears into the Spam database.

This blog, and probably all blogs, is a target for spam. My Akismet spam blocker has been placing 30 to 40 or more spam items a day into my spam queue. To help cut these numbers down I have set WordPress Options to limit commenting to 2 weeks after an article is posted. This should cut down on spam by reducing the spammers’ targets. Anyone who finds a post after this time should feel free to contact me by email.


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