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My story, “Bloodstone” (note the changed spelling), that was the prompt for the previous post is “finished” – my critique group reviewed it last weekend. I’ve made a number of changes based on their suggestions and comments.

One member of the group mentioned that he’d read the story four times to see if the title object was consistently called a “blood stone” or a “bloodstone” – two words or one. He had thought it should be a single word, like moonstone. Interestingly enough, “moonstone” is sometimes written as two words, too! But, since I’d made up the name, the decision was mine. I decide to avoid the stumbling block that other readers might have here by changing it to “bloodstone.” I think that’s a good rule to follow: Even if nothing is “wrong,” anything that causes a reader to stumble should at least get a good look.

I learned something, too: Don’t add info about a story to a website until the story is pretty much “done.” Changing from “blood stone” to “bloodstone” meant that I had to go to my Stellar Economic Community website and make a Bunch (with a capital B) of changes there.

One scene in the story involves Marcus and Sheila going on a picnic and meeting Rali. While working on the story, I found an interesting 3-D model, Skull Rock, by TheAntFarm at DAZ3D. It seemed like a good spot for the picnic.

The Exotic Island Bangalow (sic) model by greenpots that I’d got from Renderosity came with a Poser file which contained all of the props, and then some, for the scene. I’d removed all of the props except the beach, horizon, and sky and resaved it as No Bungalow.pz3. I loaded this file into Poser Pro 2014, then loaded the Blood Stone Full prop in from Poser’s Library. This prop contained all of the rocks, water plane, and shark fins.

In order for the camera to be moved back far enough to view the entire scene, I had to make the Horizon North and Horizon South props invisible. I also made the Skullsand_1 sand prop invisible to give more room in the “mouth.”

The figure of RyLee (in her human/Rali form) that I’d created for the bungalow scene was loaded and she was dressed with ToxicWolf’s Island Elegance 2 top and skirt from Renderosity. Because it was mentioned in the story, I placed mobile phone (a “vocophone”)from Poser Pro 2014’s Misc Props Library into her hand.

Rali was moved from the scene origin to the position shown in the image above and given the Seated 01 pose from DAZ’s Victoria 4’s General Poses Library.

Sheila was loaded from my SEC Characters Library and dressed with  the camisole and pants from Ryverthorn’s Casual Cool Outfit from DAZ3D. She was moved from the origin and placed behind Rali. I gave her DAZ Genesis 2 Females’ Girl 6 standing-06 pose, so that she would be looking over Rali’s shoulder.

Marcus was loaded from the Adondi Library of my SEC Characters. He was dressed with an overshirt by Stylin and shorts from Gaurie’s M4 Basic Wear. Both item were obtained from DAZ3D. Marcus was moved from the origin and given the M4 012 pose from DAZ’s M4 General Poses.

The picnic basket of Blondie9999’s Picnic Basket Set from DAZ3D was loaded and posed as shown in the above image.

According to my story, the characters got to the “mouth” of Skull Rock via a tunnel in the stone, but the Skull Rock model had no such thing. So I loaded a Disk from Poser Pro 2014’s Morphing Primitives Library. I colored it black and placed it in the back of the mouth so that it looked like the opening into the tunnel.

Because sharks were mentioned in the story (as a reason not to swim out for a good view of Skull Rock) and props were included with the model, I moved two into the scene. Actually, they are just shark fins, not sharks.

In case you are interested, a bloodstone is a geode formed in the basaltic rock of Tahiti. Unlike ordinary geodes, these contain a blood-red liquid which, when diluted and sprayed into the nostrils of Syringee, will bring on an erotic lucid dream state. The Syringee find this fluid so desirable that they will pay tens of thousands of unees for a blood stone.

This, and other information about things in my stories and novels, can be found at my Stellar Economic Community website.

Keep reading, keep writing – Jack

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